Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Wheelbarrow

I love to plant flowers in things that are really not planters, but had a different purpose at one time. I am always looking for containers that are old and worn. For example; I have an old tin picnic basket that I know held some great sandwiches and homemade cookies and was taken to some wonderful picnics! (The stories that basket could tell!) It has a new life now holding pansies in the winter and coleus in the summer. I have several old tins. I'm not sure how they were used, but they seem happy now planted with ivy. I have 2 old buckets planted with mint, several old watering cans--not planted with anything, and 2 old chairs holding seasonal flowers. But my very favorite old container is the wheelbarrow. It is not an antique--it is just old. We bought that wheelbarrow right after we bought our first house. It has hauled sand, grass, wood, flowers, bricks, rocks and children! A few years ago I was working in the yard and noticed how rusty the wheelbarrow had become, but under all that rust was so much character. It looked so right sitting there in the yard. I decided then to retire the wheelbarrow from work and give it a place of honor in the garden. It now sits in a flowerbed in the backyard proudly holding a mixture of sun-loving plants. I don't see an old rusty wheelbarrow--I see wonderful memories of years gone by, and promises of wonderful years yet to come.


JenningsJunk said...

Such sweet way to preserve and "grow" your memories...looking at your picture, almost makes me wish I knew more about flowers/plants so I could tell what was what - it looks just lucious. You could tell me, but then, I wouldn't retain it (I just have plant block instead of writer's block). This is a very fun idea and I know my mom (who is such a plant person, put a twig in a pot and it grows) will really enjoy this when I share it with her!!!

misterreereeder said...

I have not seen your yard but with all the time you put into it (and the descriptions of what you have done) it must be a great place.

Anonymous said...
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