Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Rose!

I bought a new rose bush at the Master Gardener's Rose Sale. It's a Julia Child--and I am in love with it! According to the rose information: "This lovely floribunda, produces clusters of blooms in abundance, from early Spring, right through the season, into fall. The famous Chef, Julia Child, chose this rose to bear her name. She loved the color, as well as the wonderful sweet/Licorice/Candy fragrance." It is suppose to be very easy to grow, heat tolerant and disease resistant. What more could you ask for? I saw these roses at the Arboretum a few weeks ago, and if mine even comes close to those it will be gorgeous. Wish you could smell this bloom--I think Julia would be very pleased!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snapdragons and Dianthus

Sooooo Pretty!

Have a good gardening weekend y'all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Only One...

Last fall when I was scattering wildflower seeds, I tossed one (or two-can't remember) packages of Indian Paintbrush. Sadly, only one plant came up. But that one plant has been beautiful and given me lots of happy red flowers! I am not sure why I didn't have more paintbrush--I had several last year. Maybe it was the unusual winter, maybe I didn't water the seeds enough, maybe they just didn't want to grow this year--who knows! I think this one plant knew it was the only one and responsible for providing lots of spring blooms. It stands tall and proud, and doing a perfect job of providing contrasting red color in with the bluebonnets. And the bluebonnets? Just awesome! My how I love spring!