Saturday, March 10, 2012


I didn't plant any tulips last fall. I decided it was too much trouble. Here in Texas you must chill the bulbs about 8 weeks, and they are annuals no matter what you are told. (or so I thought!) I really missed watching for them to appear in February, and didn't even notice there were 2 red flowers coming up around the pond. I was really shocked when I saw the red buds mixed in with the daffs and bluebonnet.

What a pretty color combination! And how ironic to have these 2 lonely little tulips here. Guess what their name is-- "Come Again!" I really think I planted more, but these were the only 2 that really did come back. I don't believe I will re-think and plant more in fall--I am pretty happy with all the daffodils that will naturalize...but what a nice Spring surprise to find blooming this year!
I hope you have lots of good Spring surprises in your garden this year!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

Ribbitt...Ribbitt...this sedge grass in the pond is a great place to sit and watch for spring..
I can see daffodils blooming..
The violas are lush and smelling good..
Pansies have been pretty all winter (did we really have winter?)..
Hum....that hanging basket is new..
And there are petunias by the fence... that bluebonnets? Yep! They are blooming along with that purple homestead verbena!
And do I see red? I believe I do...that is the start of Indian Paintbrush. Great place to hide when it gets tall. Don't think the calendar says Spring yet, but I think Spring is here in Texas. Maybe after one more nap I will explore a bit. Ribbitt..Ribbitt...