Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Flower

I know..we're not in Colorado, but I just couldn't help myself. I really had to buy this Original Blue Columbine. It was too beautiful to pass up. I have only had Texas Gold Columbines in the past (which are now gone thanks to a new patio!). I know these blue are better suited to Colorado--but that's exactly why I had to buy it! We love the Rockies...and this flower reminds me of our favorite campsite high up in the mountains. Sometimes flowers seem to call us.."take me home" this Colorado State Flower has a Texas home now. Hope it knows about our Texas summers!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Spring!

Don't you just love spring! I do, but here in Texas it's spring one day, and late winter the next. It's cool and damp today--not the pretty bright Spring Day we all enjoy. However, it's really nice to look out on a dreary day and see the trees in their spring green attire, and the spring flowers adding such vivid color to this otherwise gray day. Oh pretty they are! The birds don't seem to mind the change in weather. They are still singing away and checking out the birdhouses in my backyard. So on this cool overcast day, I will put on a sweater and go outside. I will pull a few weeds, dead-head a few pansies..and enjoy the hidden beauty in a "dreary" spring day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A New Backyard

I don't like change. Even good changes take me a while to get use to. So you can imagine how the gardener in me felt when told one of our Bradford Pear Trees must come down---and "be prepared", as that would change the look of our entire backyard! Our cute, little peaceful backyard! The yard I worked so hard to create......with lots of help from a wonderful husband. A tree that was over 20 years old. A tree that provided privacy, shade, and a place for the birds. I couldn't bear to have both trees go, but we agreed to take down the tree closest to our pond. We needed a new fence anyway, so we would create a new backyard. And wonderful husband came up with a plan!
We needed something to replace the area where the tree had been, and we wanted something functional--a place to sit and listen to the pond. A really good fence company came in and gave us a great new space. I miss the tree...but I am happy with our new area.
Change is hard, but as I sit in the new swing at night, and look up at the stars I couldn't see before because of the tree, I realize life is all about change. And there are times that change is a very good thing!