Monday, July 4, 2011

Bringing flowers inside

I love to bring flowers inside my home. One of the best and longest lasting flowers is rudbeckia (Back-eyed Susans) which also happens to be my favorite summer flower! These happy yellow flowers have just now started to bloom so I am out every morning finding a few to cut. I am always on the hunt for a unique container to hold flowers and when I saw this wine caddy given to me by a very dear friend (holding no wine at this time!), I decided it would be perfect for the cut rudbeckias.
I found 6 clear glasses that fit perfectly in the openings. I picked a few Susans for each glass. It looked great, but I decided that some zinnias would make it even prettier. For texture I cut a few Copper Canyon daisies (that are fall bloomers) and tucked them in the middle. Ohhh, I love that spicy scent! I was really pleased with the results!
The flowers look really good on the sofa table in the family room. I should have some kind of cut flower for several more weeks, so hopefully the caddy will stay full of color--well, until it's time to bring out the pumpkins! : )