Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's November! Can somebody please tell me where October went?? And, while you're at it, can someone please explain what happened to summer!

From time to time I go back and read articles I saved written by the late Jo Northrop who wrote for Country Living magazine many years ago. This is from one of my favorites of her "Simple Country Pleasure" articles about November:

"The exquisite cranberry and chrysanthemum days of November are a gift. We intensely and thankfully absorb them, knowing the inevitability of sudden, bone-chilling cold. Even in clear autumn sunlight, a scarecrow among fallen leaves in a deserted garden looks cold. It is this deepening of the season, the passage toward the end of the year, that gives November a quality that is energy charged."

Jo Northrop was legally blind; however, I think she "saw" the seasons better than anyone else and described them so vividly. Through her writings I can see that scarecrow standing in the now empty garden, and I can feel the sudden chill of the north wind. And the passage toward the end of the year is certainly exciting-(thoughts of spring flowers-whoo-hoo!) And, for us, this November is very "energy charged." Our daughter's wedding is next Saturday--so I will be away from blogging for a week or so getting ready for the big day. (I think it was just yesterday I was driving her to dance lessons! )

Happy November everyone! I wish you all cool and crisp cranberry and chrysanthemum days!


Barbee' said...

What a sweet post. Jo Northrop is new to me. Thank you, I enjoyed learning about her. I will be thinking of you during your busy days. Both of our daughters are married (one in June and the other in December), and I remember what it was like.

tina said...

Happy November to you too! It is bright and sunny here-a new week and I hope a great one!

Susie said...

Happy November to you Linda. I hope the wedding goes wonderfully for everyone! Hope to see some pics later!

CiNdEe said...

They do say Time Flies When You Are Having Fun(-:
Not sure how much fun the last couple months have been but it sure did go fast! Before you know it ThanksGiving will be here then Christmas! Its crazy!
Happy November and enjoy your week with your daughters wedding!! Can't wait to see pictures(-:

Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter's wedding is everything she hoped for & more! The months are just flying by, hope that means we can look forward to another spring soon. ;)

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

And she wrote so very eloquently! Maybe to be legally blind, she "saw" much better than the rest of us what beauty is stored in every season. A wedding! Have fun. You will be emotional. I was both times when my daughters married. Goes with the territory. Take lots of tissues!

Balisha said...

I remember Jo Northrup. I waited for an issue of Country Living to come...and read Jo's column first. Do you have her little book, "Country Matters?"
Have a great time at your daughter's wedding.

texasdaisey said...

Your post is so insightful. How ironic that it takes someone who is without sight in the natural arena to point out what we who do have sight miss so much of the time. And she did it with such beautiful words.