Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in the yard

There was much to do this pretty Sunday afternoon. As soon as we got home from church I changed clothes and headed to the yard to clean out some beds and plant some seeds.
This cosmos was leggy and I was tired of looking at it. Plus I was ready to plant California Poppy seeds This was easy..just pull them up, prepare the bed with my trowel, and scatter the seeds.

How easy was that. I scattered a few more poppy seeds around in other areas, pulled up the blackfoot daisies and I was ready to move on.

This is the bed I am re-doing. It's along side of the garage and driveway. No problems... I'll just pull up the zinnias and cut back the lantana, then dig up the rest. Uh-huh..sure, easy..NOT!!
I did fine until I got to the "dig up the rest" part.

I knew the lantana had been here since the beginning of time, but no worries..ha!
I just know the neighbors were beginning to watch as I started with a short shovel, then went and got the tall sharp shooter shovel. I am right under 5'2, and it's not easy using this shovel and I'm sure pretty funny to watch.
These roots were big too! I dug and dug praying the entire time "Lord, please don't let me hit the sprinkler system!"
I finally heard a crack, so I put down the shovel and started to push back and forth on the now exposed roots.

Another crack, and I pulled with all my might...and the roots let loose... and I flew backwards!! I know the neighbors were really laughing by this time, but I got up and did what any garden blogger would do.
I went and got my camera so I could take a picture!

I think re-doing this bed is going to take a little longer that I thought!

"There is not a spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed!"
Gertrude Jekyll


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Sounds like me trying some stunt and falling on my face in the yard. But at least no one can really see me, as my garden home is sort of secluded on this east side yard where I spend time. I'm always determined I can manage whatever the task is...

Lottie said...

That looks just like the small tree I had to remove when I made my vegetable patch this year. My digging hand was sore for a week.

Northern Shade said...

When you mentioned the 'crack' sound, I thought you had hit the sprinkler system, but the next picture didn't look wet, so it had to be a root.
I've given the neighbours an entertaining show now and then too, including taking a tumble. Some roots just don't want to give up. It will be very satisfying when you get your bed replanted just how you want it.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Brenda--I was determined not to go get my husband to do this. I wanted to do it myself! Just hope there were no witnesses! :)

Lottie-I think it's going to be my back! Not sure how I will be walking in the morning! :)

northernshade--the roots were sooo big! I still think there are small roots yet to dig, and as I tried to dig one out, I did see the pvc pipe for the sprinkler! Can you just imagine if I hit it!

Anonymous said...

Boy those roots look like a small tree Linda. I'm glad the crack wasn't your sprinkler system! That kind of worried me for a second. You've been a buy gal digging, pulling & removing those old plants. It looks like it's going to be a great new planting space when it's all said & done.

Susie said...

Girl, it looks like you had some fun today! Don't you just hate it when you have a plan and everything is going great, you even start to think your project might not take as along as you thought. Then, whammo, something throws everything into a kink!! Digging up old roots sure can be a pain sometimes.

I wish I could have worked in my yard today but I had to work. At least I am off tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Racquel--yes, I should have explained the "crack" sooner. Thank goodness it was not the sprinkler system--don't want to explain that one to hubby! :)
I'm still trying to decide what to do in this bed and think I need to amend the soil, but at least I am on my way!

Susie--pain is a good way to describe this afternoon, in more ways than one! :)
Hope tomorrow will be a pretty day for you since you are off. I would love to have 1 full day in the yard, but not sure when that will be. Happy gardening tomorrow!

tina said...

Way to drive on and not let that lantana beat you! Of course you needed a picture to document your victory. Sometimes the smallest (or hardest simplest) things please us most. Enjoyed the fun.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Tina--I felt pretty proud looking at all those roots when it was over! Now to decide what to do with this bed. It not very big as you can see. It get lots of sun so I have lots of options. The fun is just beginning! :)

Cindy, MCOK said...

Holy moly, woman! That's some root system. I've done that kind of thing before ... you have to laugh at yourself to keep from crying!

The best tool I've found for grubbing up these kinds of roots is a mattock. Take a look at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Cindy! Mattock huh? I am thinking Christmas idea here. :)
Thanks for the suggestion!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I use a spade fork and dig it in under the roots, then rock back and forth until it gives way. I love lantana, so I'd plant it somewhere else, I never let a plant go to waste!

lola said...

Way to go girl. Don't let it whip you. I've done some stunts like that before. Get up quick & look to see if anyone is watching you.
This post is a hoot. Glad you didn't hit the sprinkler system. Wow that was close.
Have fun.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Nola--I tried the fork first, but it was almost bending from the clay soil.(you know this Texas dirt!) I like lantana too, but this one has not produced good blooms in quite a while, plus I am so allergic to it! I normally don't get rid of plants, but this one was tossed! :)

Hi Lola--sure did enjoy your "In the Garden" post!
It's funny now, but I was getting pretty frustrated Sunday afternoon. Sounds like you go after things like I do. Makes for fun times like you said.
Happy Gardening!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow what a big job. Glad you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. I want poppies I have never planted them before. I need to go find some seeds.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Debbi, I planted red corn poppies in my yard last year, but planted california poppies in Mother's yard. They are low growing and bloomed into summer. I really would like to find iceland poppies. I think they are pretty too.