Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Bloomin' Saturday!

It's amazing how behind you get just being gone over a long weekend! I caught up with all the in house things the past few evenings. So I was ready to see what was going on in the garden this Saturday morning. Armed with coffee in one hand and camera in the other, off I go to see what's blooming.
The profusion zinnias remain the best bloomers. They are all across the front of the house.

Imagine my surprise seeing the star jasmine in bloom! What a treat!
Shhh, don't tell them it's fall!

Coneflower White Swan-what a beautiful flower!

Yellow and orange cosmos still going strong.

This is an ivy I bought to hide the biological filter for the pond. I bought it because of the fullness last spring, but look--it's in bloom! Anyone know what type this is?

It's one of those things I just stuck in the window box, and if you look closely you can see it in bloom here as well.

Inpatients love the cooler weather.

Zinnias are leggy and need to be removed, but still have a few flowers.

This lantana has not done well at all this year. It's in the bed I am going to re-do.

Another surprise-the gaillardia (blanket flower) has 1 bloom!

I cut the pass-along phlox back, but it decided to bloom one more time.

Little purple heart is peeking through the sweet potato vine.

A pretty little morning glory hanging on to the lattice.

I paid $2.00 for this autumn sage in June. I didn't know if it would even survive, but it has done well and is now in bloom.

And of course..the yellow mums just say fall!

What's blooming for you this nice Saturday?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blooms still going on strong in your garden this fall. I love the profusion zinnias, so I ordered seed for them for next year. Your Cosmos are like the ones Tina sent me seed for & their gorgeous! I think that is a Swedish Ivy, but I've never seen it bloom before. Maybe it's a different cultivar than my grandma grew. Great post Linda! :)

Northern Shade said...

Your lavender phlox is very pretty. We just had a frost last night, so mostly I now have various bellflowers, phlox, lobelia and cranesbills left in bloom.

tina said...

Those zinnias are outstanding in front of the house! Must make quite an impact. I think that blooming plant is what I call Swedish ivy or Creeping Charlie. I like it a lot.

Brenda@A View From The Pines said...

Well, not nearly what's blooming in your garden! I just planted coneflower last week. I love your windowbox!

Susie said...

That looks like a Swedish ivy to me Meadowview. It's part of the Plectranthus family. (I think)!?!

I have that same profusion zinnia is blooming in my yard too. I have some new gold lantana that is blooming wonderfully. Knock-out roses are doing great. Mexican bush sage is fabulous as well as my blue blooms I posted about.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Racquel-thanks for the compliment! I thought it was swedish ivy too, but after looking at the picture on the internet, the leaves don't look the same and I read the blooms are white-these are lavender. You will LOVE the profusion zinnas! They are the best!!!

northernshade--the phlox is very special as it came from my Mother. I heard it was snowing in Billings, so I thought it would be cold where you are. Lobelia blooms in cold weather? I did not know that. I love comparing what is blooming in your climate and what is blooming in ours! :)

Tina-the zinnas are wonderful. I just wish they would re-seed. Well, they will, but I heard they come back in pink (mother plant??) and I love the red and orange!

Brenda--my window boxes are a true love of mine. I just stick something here and there and right into the dirt, I don't try and root them first. I'm glad you like them too!

JenningsJunk said...

Your blooms are wonderful - I got lost in your pictures! Crazy thing - almost forgot you live in my area and not some place tropical! Makes your blooms even more special to me....maybe I can hang on to the warmer weather just a tad bit longer !!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Susie--maybe it is swedish ivy. Like I told Racquel, I looked it up on the internet (thinking swedish ivy) and it said the blooms are white--these are lavender. It's really pretty whatever it is.
I want Mexican bush sage!! I think it would do really well in the bed I am re-doing!

JJ--I think our warm weather will be with us a while longer! You and I are the only ones I know that enjoy summer! :)

misterreereeder said...

I spent most of the day at Sachse Fall Fest. there were not a lot of beautiful blooming flowers like in your pictures but there were a lot of people there.

Meadowview Thymes said...

mr--bet that was fun. I'm surprised there were not lots of mums on top of hay bales. (Plus pumpkins!)

cindee said...

I love all your plants(-: Does your wandering jew come back every year? I have some too and wondered if I should bring it inside?

Meadowview Thymes said...

Cindee-the wandering jew is not winter hardy. I have tried to winter mine in the garage, but don't have much luck. I really wish I had a place for a greenhouse! :)