Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mountains, Texas heat and a Surprise visitor

We have been on our annual
"Rocky Mountain High" camping up in the Rockies near Crested Butte. It was beautiful as usual..and cool!
The wildflowers up in the mountains have yet to
peak, but the flowers in town were breath
It was a good trip, with lots of hikes, fishing, campfires and oh my goodness stars at night!
The special treat this year was meeting up with our daughter! (Love that hat Jen!)

Before we knew it our week was over and we said goodbye to Jen, and headed back to the Texas heat. Thanks to a very caring young man, the flowers looked good despite the terrible heat! (Thank you so much Travis!)
The time outside these days is spent watering or mowing-not relaxing. The temps have been over 100 for 31 days now, and there is no break in sight. The high Thursday is suppose to be 110. That is actual temperature, not heat index. It's Texas-we always have hot summers, but not quite like this. It hasn't rained in...well....I don't remember the last time it rained. All of Texas is in drought conditions now. We are on water restrictions now as the lakes are going down fast. So, we sit inside these days looking over the garden. As we watched the birds, we noticed a surprise visitor..
All the other birds flew away when I went out to take this picture. I think we have a run away. He (she) didn't seem very scared of me so I know this little one is pretty domesticated. I have plenty of seed and water for it, but I hope it will just visit and find it's way back home soon.

Hope your summer is going well..and is cooler than mine! :)


tina said...

Welcome back! The vacation looks wonderful as always. So cooling.

Seeing the little parakeet outside is like my worst nightmare as we have one too and are sometimes careless with the door. I always hope that if she got away she'd come back but I'm not sure. This one may live outside for a long time but I hope its owner gets it back. But how cool to find it in your garden! It looks like a boy bird judging by the blue above the beak.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Tina, thanks for letting us know the gender as we were wondering. I am going to fret about him way too much. Wish he would make his way home!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

As I write this comment, my thermometer reads 107! Your yard looks great, it was certainly well taken care of during your absence!
I can't believe poppies are still blooming up there, what a refreshing sight! Glad you had a nice break from the heat.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Nola--every year I am amazed by the poppies. You will even see pansies and nasturtiums blooming up there. But then they have winter...which sounds pretty good right now! :)

Lola said...

So glad you are back. Looks as though you had a wonderful vacation. Love that area even though I've never been there.
Your garden looks wonderful. It was well taken care of in your absence.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Lola--Travis did an awesome job! (I am starting to save those zinnia seeds for you!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those Colorado pictures are knockouts! Breathtaking. I'm sure it was hard to go back to the heat, even though your garden was well cared for at home.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness Linda girl ! that was a wonderful vacation to get away from the heat and watch those magnificent mountains .. I will never forget seeing our Canadian ones near Banff.
Your garden is maturing like mine and really filling out ..
Yes .. we are in the same long cycle with hot dry summers so I also have to make some tough decisions .. taking out the Serviceberry tree is one of them .. it is sad but it is not doing well at all .. no fruiting tree does here with intense 'rust" problems in the neighborhood .. so we are in the same boat girl !!
BUT .. we will work it out and our gardens will be beautiful !
Joy : )
PS I LOVED seeing that little blue budgie !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time on vacation Linda. Welcome Back! Your garden looks really good inspite of the scorching temps you all have had this summer. I had to look twice at that bird to realize it was a parakeet, hope it finds its' way home soon. :)

JenningsJunk said...

Always LOVE your pictures!! both boys were glad to be able to help your beauties survive this crazy summer. With the heat the younger wanted to make sure the older didn't overheat (I'm so proud of them). Only thing left in our yard form the spring planting is the mint and spearmint the guys planted for me in containers and moved under the porch to catch morning sun and evening watering...they spoil me and I love it.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Robin, wish I had your camera and photograhy talent in CO. I could really get some great photos I bet!

Joy, tough decisions it is! I have the worse time in spring NOT buying things, but I have got to learn from this summer. They are already telling us to get us to this weather. ugh!

Thanks Raquel, the garden is about as good as it can be with this heat. Poor plants--I water them, but they just can't take the intense heat!

JJ, both your boys are gems. I think the fish were loving James coming as he was their meal server every day! : )