Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beautiful Snow! Now What?

The snow we had was beautiful! It was indeed a winter wonderland Nothing we have ever seen before. In all, we got a total of 12 1/2 inches. That is a record for the Dallas area.
ately, it did quite a bit of damage to trees in lots of neighbor-
hoods and there are still those without power. I hate that. Other than some sinus problems and not feeling great, I have enjoyed the beautiful and serene snow inside a warm house, by the fire, drinking hot chocolate. My hearts are with those not as fortunate, and with the wonderful groups of people out in the cold trying to restore power.
The snow is starting to melt, but it's still cold, so it is melting slowly. As I walked outside this morning to a slushy flagstone walkway and patio, I had a gardening panic attack. Snow is over--now what? See the beds on either side of the walkway? That is where all my bulbs are planted. Will they make it?
This is where I planted new bulbs, so they are not up like the old ones in front. They were just starting to get some height.
All I can see are the daffodils, and I can't see all of them. The tulips and hyacinths are completely covered with snow.
And then there are all those bluebonnets in the bed around the new tree. They are completely covered. Somebody please tell everything gone? I almost hate to know, but I need to be prepared. I hate to sound so ignorant, but we normally don't have weather like this in my part of Texas.

Goodness, I hate to lose everything I planted. Spring! Please hurry!!


tina said...

Oh I think you'll be good. As long as the bulbs don't have buds and are not severely nipped by cold they'll survive and look even prettier. In my experience here the daffys can take lots of moisture; which they'll get when the snow melts. The tulips should be fine too. Things like allium don't like to be soggy though. They'll rot in a heartbeat. Stay warm, enjoy the snow and get well.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Tina. I was looking so forward to all that spring beauty! :)

tina said...

It's coming. Not sure about Dallas but this stuff is kind of normal for here and the flowers all do fine. Just a few more weeks:)

JenningsJunk said...

As looked over my melting snow soaked yard and all the standing water this morning, I was wondering what plants would make it and what wouldn' boys (since the gardening gene skipped me to them) keep telling me it'll be ok...we'll see :-) ...hey--maybe the freezing temps not to long ago and the snow and all the water killed all the weeds...does it work that way?!?!?!

CiNdEe said...

I think it will be fine(-:
We get a snow here once in a blue moon and it sometimes comes as late as March. Everything just seems to adapt(-:
I bet the blue bonnets will be even more beautiful with the snow. They seem to like a lot of moisture here at least. On a really wet winter they are so beautiful. When its dry they are not to good. Of course here we call them Lupines(-:
The only thing here that didn't make it last year was my alliums I have no idea where they went.
It didn't rain that much so I don't think they rotted. I guess I will find out if they come back this year.(-:

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Looks just like our yard. Stay warm tomorrow when it gets back down in the 20's

Susie said...

I think your bulbs will be fine Linda. I can't believe you got 12.5 inches. That's incredible!

Our power went off for about 30 minutes. We were much relieved especially since I had called the power company and they said it would be around midnight before they would come back on.

Meadowview Thymes said...

JJ--unfortunately I don't think the cold weather will kill the weeds. All the moisture will probably just help them :(
I do think the cold weather will help with bugs..but then, mosquitoes like moisture..hum...

Cindee--did you see Tina's comment about Allium? Sounds like they do not like wet feet. I will be anxious to see how the weather affects blooms.

Debbi--I know...another front due in around noon..with a "light dusting of snow" I nearly died when I heard the weather man last night. Maybe they have changed that "S" word in the forecast by now.

Susie--yeah, we could not believe all the snow. And it is still here. We have another front due in at noon, so the snow may not melt until next week sometime. But the roads are fine.
Thanks for the positive words on the bulbs. Funny questions to most I guess--but we never get weather like this! :)

Anonymous said...

Your spring bulbs should be just fine. Our daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, etc all get snowed on regularly, and they turn out fine. Can't advise on the bluebonnets!

Apron Senorita said...

Hi, so nice to meet you. I’m Yoli, a fellow “Texas Blogging Gal”. I made it my goal to visit each member’s Blog. I don’t want to just “drive-thru” to meet a quota, but instead to share the gift of friendship that God gives us all. I’m excited to read your inspirational stories and see your creative works. You are always welcomed at my Apron Senorita Blog.

Love the pictures. I'm in New Braunfels and we didn't get snow. Hope we have a pleasant spring!

God Bless You!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

My daffs were in full bloom when it snowed; today the snow is melted and they still look pretty! Not sure about my narcissus which had buds but no blooms. Someone told me the snow actually acts as insulation; guess we'll see in a few weeks if that's true!

misterreereeder said...

Yes .. it was beautiful snow!! And it was a reminder that we are NOT always in control.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Msrobin--I was hoping to hear from you with those positive words! I knew you had so much snow all the time you would probably know, but was not sure if you planted bulbs or not. Thanks so much. I feel a lot better now. The bluebonnet rosettes look ok--just hope they enjoyed the added moisture and bloom like crazy in spring! :)

Hi Yoli! Welcome! I will definetly check out your blog (really cute name!) We are headed to your part of Texas over spring break and I cannot wait. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Please visit again!

Nola-hum..acts as insulation huh. Well, they got lots of insulation, didn't they! :)
The snow is gone now, and the bulbs look fine. How about the bluebonnets? They are pretty cold hardy--but are they "snow" hardy? I bet they are!

Oh MR--yes you are so right! We cannot control the weather, that is for sure. If we could, it would always be between 75 and 80! lol!

Lola said...

Beautiful pics of your garden with the snow. When we lived there I can't recall it snowing that much.
I too think your garden will be fine. We've not had the snow but boy have we had the rain. I am anxious to see what survived this unusual cold weather.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Lola-this snowfall is a record. It didn't snow like this when you lived here. We were all pretty shocked--including the weather people. It was sure pretty, but I think we were all happy to see it melt today.
The bulbs look ok--just hope spring finds them blooming! :)

Paula said...

It seems everyone has gotten lots of snow...except Houston! I wouldn't mind getting a little.
I found you through Texas Blogging Gals and came by to say hello. Look forward to reading more about you. Come on by and say howdy.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Paula! Welcome to MeadowviewThymes! Yeah..there has sure been lots of snow and cold weather around this year. My sister lives in Katy, so I keep up with the Houston weather. I am so ready for spring! :)
Thanks for stopping by--I will visiting your blog soon as I can!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Linda, I'm ready for spring, too! Let's hope our plants are. I'm thinking your bluebonnets will be okay, but you may see some discoloration of the foliage. I noticed a reddish hue to some of mine post-freeze.