Friday, April 24, 2009

Dahlberg Daisies

One of my favorite flowers in the garden are Dahlberg Daisies. They are bushy little annuals that have cute little yellow daisy flowers. I have four little pots on the front steps.
Dahlberg daisies are native to south central Texas and northern Mexico.
They are drought tolerant and easy to grow. I get them every year and have never had a problem with insects or diseases at all! The only maintenance is that you do need to deadhead them. Look closely and you can see the spent flowers that I need to remove. The nice thing about deadheading these cuties is that they have a spicy, almost lemon scent that you can enjoy as you work!
They are really versatile too. You can plant them in a bunny..
..or, add them as a filler in a container with mixed flower.
They look good in any container. See how they tend to cascade over the pail onto the stones? I think I am going to buy some for the sunny bed in back and plant them behind the stone border. Wouldn't that look good!
Dalhberg Daisies like well drained soil and want to live in full sun. I can't recommend these more! If you want a cute little flower with a spicy, citrus smell--then this is the flower for you!


GardenJoy4Me said...

I have to say I am loving these daisy .. and the rabbit planter is perfect .. I'm going to have to actually write down what my pots will be and stick to them .. no more impulse buying I have spent a small fortune already and I haven't gotten any in the ground yet !!! YIKES !!!! LOL

tina said...

They will look great over a wall! So sunny and happy and the fragrance is a bonus. I am going to have enjoy them in your yard-beautiful blue/yellow combination too-since I don't have full sun. Native to Texas sounds perfect!

P.S. Had a question. I bought a packet of Texas Bluebonnet seeds the other day. Do I sow in spring or summer? I don't think they'll grow for me as they need full sun right, but I am game for only $1? Sigh.

JenningsJunk said...

These are so sweet looking - how wild that they have a spicy and lemon scent. How fun to be able to take it and place them all around.

Susie said...

I have a customer at work who has been asking for this daisy over and over. Unfortunately we haven't gotten any in just yet. They are low maintenance and add such a sunny look to a bed or container.

Have a great weekend Linda!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Joy, glad you like these cute flowers. And I totally understand you wanting to make a list. I go to the garden centers..and plants just "jump" into my basket! I cannot help myself! :)

Tina, thanks. I don't have alot of sunny spots, but just enough for a few of these.
Bluebonnets--I am going to send you an email later today! :)

jj--they are cute! Glad you like them. Such a treat to have that spicy smell too!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Those are adorable, I love the way they spill over the sides of the container. I've never noticed them at the garden center, I'll have to be on the lookout!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Susie, I was surprised to find these as early as I did this year. It is usually closer to summer since they do so much better in hot weather.
Happy weekend to you too!

Nola, I always get mine at Calloways. I never see them at Lowe's or HD.
BTW--I think I told you last year I would let you know when I saw the Pinata Lavender at Lowe's--it's there! :)

perennialgardener said...

I've grown these in the past, they really are a nice annual. :) I love the rabbit planter, so cute.

Brenda Kula said...

I will put this on my list. I haven't been plant shopping in awhile. Which means maybe the whole month of April! How could that be? I think daisies may just be my very favorite flower.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Racquel. The bunny loves to hide in the garden planted with something so special! :)

Brenda, these would be perfect in your garden! Wonder if Blue Moon has them? I get them at Calloways. I have never seen then at Lowes or HD. They would love the sun you have!

lola said...

I have had these little beauties for several yrs now. They come back each yr. They for sure are a nice little plant that needs no care.

Meadowview Thymes said...

lola-yours come back?? Do they just re-seed where you have them planted? Wow--I have never had mine come back! (maybe I am not patient enough!) :)