Sunday, February 15, 2009

A sore back, but a happy spirit!

This has been the perfect weekend for working in the garden. Saturday and Sunday both started out cold, but the afternoons were sunny with highs in the upper 50's. Wonderful gardening weather! I was really behind on February gardening chores, so I had lots to do. I started by deadheading the pansies in front. I deadhead some almost everyday, but I have pansies all across the front and took the time to check every plant today.
I then headed to the backyard to cut back the grasses.
Some are in pots..

The big one is in the ground. (Now don't ask me what undesirable rodent I found nesting in this grass, but if you heard a scream around 3 o'clock was me!!)
One of the major things I had to do was clear the flower beds of leaves and add mulch. I have to add "no float" mulch to this bed because rain will carry it off . Note: I do not add mulch where I have wildflowers, that is why there is no mulch to the left--there are a few bluebonnets there.
I pulled leaves out of the bluebonnets in the wildflower garden..
don't the bluebonnets look happy!
I cleared the little garden and planted onions..

One of the most pleasurable things I did was to clear the leaves out of the flower beds along the flagstone path and spread pine bark mulch around the flowers.
I was so pleased with the way these beds looked when I was finished. The tulips are coming up all along this path, the candy tuff is starting to bloom, and the hyacinths look like they could start blooming any day.

Today I also pruned the salvia's and cut back all the wood fern.

The last thing I did was clear the bed around the Bradford Pear and add more pine bark mulch. I will buy Boston Ferns in March to place around the base of the tree. And I think because it will be so easy to water, I will buy impatiens to plant in the containers around the bird bath.

I still have so much to do, but this is a start. And I can't tell you how good it felt to be outside both afternoons feeling the sun on my face and the dirt on my hands! It was just heaven, but if you will excuse me now....I need to find my heating pad!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Me too! It was great outside. I typically prefer an ice pack on my back though. Your pansies are just glorious. I think I may have torn out my Bluebonnets last year! If not, I don't know where on earth they are.

tina said...

You and me both on the heating pad. I love the shots of your gardens! What is the green stuff on the chiminea picture bordering the path? I really like this effect. I not sure if I heard that scream but I sympathize:)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Brenda, ice pack huh? I'd freeze to death. I use a "bed buddy" that I heat in the microwave. It feels so good on my back!
Thanks for the compliment on my pansies! They could never beat your beauties though!

Tina--you too on the heat huh? I will not be able to stand up in the morning...but it was worth any pain I might have.
The green you saw bordering the path through the yard is monkey grass--all pass-along. I do have a hard time keeping it contained, but it is perfect for a path border and I love that it is evergreen!

tina said...

Yes, the monkey grass looks great used like that. Nice and soft and barely any maintenance.

Yup, gotta have heat. Tons of it. I also always take a few ibuprofen before garden time now a days. It helps a wee bit.

lola said...

Your gardens look lovely. Seems Spring is here.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I intend to spend tomorrow and tuesday the same way.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy Linda, it's been awhile since you've been able to garden like that. I always forget that when I head out at this time of the year & go for it full wind. :) Looks like you got alot accomplished.

JenningsJunk said...

I'm worn out just reading about all the work you've done...I can't wait to enjoy all of your hard work as you update your posts!...I wondered who that was screaming :D thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I hope your recovery is quick.

cindee said...

I know how that feels getting things caught up! That is a great feeling and then of course I also know how that feels on the bod. You will feel better tomorrow(-: Or maybe the next day(-: Everything looks great!!!!! It rained her most of the weekend so I didn't get anything outside done at all.

marmee said...

that's funny you and the heating pad. but it is that time of the year. looks like you got a lot done. gardening is never finished.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I like monkey grass on a border too Tina. It's just hard to control-I don't want it to take over! :)

Hi Lola-Spring will be here before we know it although March in Texas can be really cold sometimes. But there will be warm days mixed in so it's ok. Loved getting out in the garden!

Have fun our in your garden Debbi! I hope the weather cooperates for you. It was a little cold, but nice for doing hard work.

I know you are right Racquel--I get so excited I forget all about my back. I always come in and get on the "bed buddy" that I heat in the microwave--it works wonders!

jj--yeah, the scream you heard was me. ICH and double ICH!!!!

Cindee I felt so happy getting somewhat caught up. The garden was looking pretty sad.
Glad you got some rain. We are now officially in a drought!

Hi marmee! Yes, I got lots done, but OUCH!! Really this morning it's not too bad. I just forget I am no spring chicken anymore! :)
Hope things are well with you and your family!

Barbee' said...

I especially enjoyed seeing your pansies. Such pretty colors. Sore muscles are no fun! Sometimes I take an 8 hour Tylenol and that helps, and I sleep well, too, after the combination of fresh air, exercise, and meds.

Meadowview Thymes said...

How are you Barbee? So glad to hear from you!!
Glad you liked the pansies. I love them all winter and into spring. They have the most wonderful fragrance!
My back is not as bad as I thought it might be today. I think getting heat on it helps!
Take care!

Susie said...

There's nothing like being able to get out there and work in the garden is there? All your beds look so nice and tidy; your hard work definitely shows. I had hoped to work in the yard this past weekend but got sidelined with illness again. It seems like I just got over a bad head cold the other day.

I feel like I am on the mend but now we have rain and colder weather moving in. Oh well, guess the work isn't going anywhere.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Susie--hope you are feeling better! Our weekend was cool,but nice. It's cold now and foggy, and I think we are getting a cold front at the end of the week. Oh is February. But it sure was nice to dig in and get my hands dirty! :)
Take care of yourself--you need to be all well for spring planting!

GardenJoy4Me said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to get here and have a little stroll through your garden !
Those pansies are so sweet .. their scent is pure pleasure too : )
I love your garden .. you have made me feel like a kid waiting for Xmas again .. to get our snow out of the way and attack the jobs to tidy up and then really dig in to change some of the landscaping.
Pillows under the knees .. heating pad under the back and REST !! gardening truly uses most of our muscles but the back suffers the most, so you have to look after yourself girl !!

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

It sounds like a great way to spend the weekend and your hard work shows!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Cindy--looking at your blog, looks like you are hard at work too!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Joy--glad you stopped by my little garden. My back is good to go bring on the warm temps and I am out there again! :)
Take care--hope your snow will be gone soon! (WILL it be gone soon?)