Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I love Christmas Trees! I love the lights, and greenery, but the main reason I love them is for all the different ornaments I have collected over the years. My children and some of my friends have traveled to quite a few places, and in their travels they are so sweet to bring me an ornament.
I have never been to any of these places, but I have ornaments from...




New Zealand..


and Ireland.

I always buy an ornament when we travel. I have ornaments from:
Mt. Vernon..

Santa Fe..
San Francisco..



and of course several from Colorado where we go camping every summer.

Precious memories come from baby's first ornament,
an ornament made by your child years ago,
or maybe your favorite ornament from your childhood.
They can be your favorite college,

or maybe a reminder of your favorite thing to do.
Every year I hang these ornaments and remember the person who gave them to me, or where I was when I bought it, or the special memory of a Christmas past.
What are the some of the ornaments you treasure the most?


Nola @ the Alamo said...

I liked your variety of ornaments. I like my tree done that way, too, with all sorts of ornaments collected through the years.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Nola. I'm glad you liked my ornaments.
BTW-I just read your post for today. It is wonderful. Thanks for helping us remember with such a personal story.

misterreereeder said...

Loved your post. You have a well traveled tree. :D It is so nice to have reminders of friends, family, and past Christmases.

Meadowview Thymes said...

mr--I like that-- "well traveled tree!" It is nice to have reminders of these memories.

Susie said...

Your Christmas tree looks lovely with all those wonderful ornaments. We like to travel as well and have collected ornaments from many places we have visited. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Susie-I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite either. I like the few ornaments from childhood, and the ornaments the kids made..then the ones that gave me...yep--the list goes on and on! :)

tina said...

So nice to have pieces of the world joining you for your Christmas celebration. Love that whimsical Eiffel tower one from Gay Pareeee..Your tree is lovely Linda.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great idea. I want to start a gardening tree and now you have inspired me to start a travel tree. These will have to be in addition to the cobalt glass tree. I have to have my cobalt glass tree.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Tina--I love the tree. It's not fancy, but it sure holds lots of memories.

Debbi-I will now confess. Years ago I had a tree in every room! My 3 children had one in their room, we had a tiny one in our bedroom, one in the kitchen and the big one in the family room. I still have the small kitchen tree-it's my snowman tree! Love the gardening tree idea.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a huge collection of ornaments Linda! Some from different places as well as celebrating different times in your life. Some of my favorites are ones my boys made when they were young as well as the ones my friends gave me from their travels. Your tree looks pretty!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I do have lots of different kinds of ornaments Racquel. Sounds like you have precious memories on your tree as well!

JenningsJunk said...

You have some amazing ornaments. What a great way to "hang" onto memories. Thanks for sharing.

Meadowview Thymes said...

jj--"hang on to memories" tee-hee!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

You have a well-rounded, well-traveled tree!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Brenda. I love the tree with all the unique ornaments.