Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day in the Yard

What a mess! I'm afraid with all the Christmas things to do I have been very negligent on taking care of the yard. Leaves are everywhere!

The pond net is still up....
..and my potting area is a disaster. I put away Christmas and cleaned house yesterday, so today was the day to spend in the yard. And it turned out to be a perfect day to be outside--the temperature was in the low 70's!
I started by raking, and raking, and raking leaves to big piles around the back yard. Part of these go into the compost bin, part into recycled bags for pick up. I cleaned out flower beds and emptied pots full of dead plants. Hubby was in front taking care of the front yard. He raked, then mowed. The front yard really looked nice-still has some green color. We took down the pond net and I cleaned leaves around the beds surrounding the pond. I always leave a few leaves for protection in flower beds, in fact, I did not rake the wildflower bed. You can see it in the background. I think it helps protect the bluebonnets should we get some really cold weather.
I planted pansies in the old chair,
and added a few more pansies to the wheel-
barrow. (you can never have too many pansies-right?)
I put a birdhouse, watering can and cute bunny in the wheel-
barrow as well. Can ya tell I am wishing for spring?
It was a tiring day, but it felt so good to get back outside and get my hands dirty! I know there will be more leaves to rake, and more beds to clean, but for now, I have a clean potting bench ready and waiting, cleaned out flower beds, and a yards with now only a few leaves.
The pond net is down, and the patio is ready for us to enjoy any nice winter days that might come our way.

What did you do today?


tina said...

I bet you are feeling great right about now. I always get happy when the garden is cleaned too. Your garden looks ready for spring.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Tina! Yes, I do feel good right now. Oh..the leaves will be back tomorrow, but not as many. I so loved getting back "in the garden." :)

Susie said...

Since I know nothing about tending a pond like yours(which I love)do you have to take out any plants after winter and replant?

I've got plenty of leaves over here Linda if you are still in the mood to rake! hehe!

Actually I leave all of them in the flower beds but unfortunately they are all scattered across the yard. I don't usually rake them and my husband will probably run the lawnmower over them to mulch.

Today I too worked in the yard again. I'm working on a project that I will blog about when just about finished. It was a beautiful day with temps in the 60's. Not bad for a December day.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I leave the plants in the pond. There is only 1 thing that is evergreen--it's some type of grass. Everything else dies back, although with this warm weather I see new growth, but the next freeze will stop that. In the north, I think they may take plants in, but we don't worry much here in Texas. You should try a pond, you would love it!
Hum...as much as I would love to visit you, not sure if I want to do more raking! :)
Can't wait to hear about the new project. These warmer days spoil us huh?? Have a great week Susie!

Pam/Digging said...

This balmy winter weather sure does beckon. You had a lot of leaves to rake. Mine are mostly live oaks and so won't fall until spring.

JenningsJunk said...

wow - You are like the energizer bunny! Everything looks wonderful and your wheelbarrow left me with a smile...I think I'll be referring back to it on dreary days ;-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Pam, the front came in last night and the wind is blowing really hard..so guess what we have again? Ha! You never get rid of the leaves!

Anonymous said...

I bet all that work made for a great night's rest! Don't you just love the sense of satisfaction you get from a good cleanup in the garden? Everything looks great, I love that potting bench. Very cute! :) Happy New Year Linda!

Meadowview Thymes said...

jj--I wish I was the energizer bunny!
Glad you like the wheelbarrow. I thought exactly what you did, it will be something hopeful to look at on a cold winter day.

Racquel, I felt so good this morning when I looked out and everything looked so much better. Thanks for the compliment on the Potting Bench. Hubby made it for me. Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

Oh, to have trees who shed their leaves and get it over with! We have a willow oak and a water oak in the front, both of which continue to shed at alarming rates throughout the winter.

I wasn't able to get out into the garden yesterday but I did spend all of Monday working in one area and another. It was a beautiful sunny day in the 70s, one of those days that you remember fondly in August.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Cindy! The Bradford sheds early-it takes the red oaks forever!! The Braford leaves all collect in back, guess that is why it seems like so many.
The 70 degree days spoil me. I am not a winter person at all. I could live in spring year round! :)
Happy New Year!

cindee said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope the new year brings you a ton of happiness and much gardening joy!!!!!
It is looking like Spring there(-: I am ready too. I have a lot to do to get there though.(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thank you Cindee-that is a really sweet wish!
It is a roller coaster here, warm to cold back to warm. That is just Texas though. I am use to it, but I sure get spoiled on these beautiful warm days!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I wandered the yard looking for good photos. And there were virtually none to be had! I miss blooms!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Brenda--I know..this time of year is so brown! But you have those beautiful pansies! Mine are ok..but nothing like yours!