Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank you Digging in the Dirt!

Susie at Digging in the Dirt bestowed me with this award! Thank you Susie! If you have never stopped by her blog, go now! Not only does she have wonderful pictures and lots of great gardening information..she has inspiring music softly playing as your read. (Susie even has John Denver on her music list!)

I have the option of passing this award on to other bloggers. I would like to send this to :

Cindee at Cindee's Garden ----visit Cindee's whimisical magical gardens!

Laurie at From My Garden to Yours--- visit Laurie in the Amish Country of Pennsylvania. She is so creative!

Lottie at Garden Dairy--- Lottie lives in England. Her blog is so interesting!

Cindy at From My Corner of Katy--- You must read about Cindy's new pond and the new water lily. A truly inspiring story.

I love all the blogs I read. There are so many good and informative blogs out there--I just wish I had more time to research all of them.

Thank you again Susie for making my day!


Susie said...

Meadowview-You are so sweet! I love reading your blog. Keep up the great work girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Linda! I love your blog too and Susie is one of my favorite blogging buddies. She's been there with me almost from the beginning.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Well ladies, we make a great trio! Wish we could have one fantastic day for garden touring, plant shopping and lunch! Thanks to both of you!!

cindee said...

Congrats to you Linda(-: And thanks too(-: I will cherish my award(-:

misterreereeder said...

You do have a great blog. It is great having others who share your interests and beening able to share those interests.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Cindee--you are very welcome! You have a wonderful blog!

Thanks mr. Blogging has been so much fun, plus I have "met" the greatest people!