Monday, June 16, 2008

Water Poppies

Before we had one of the Bradford Pear trees taken down, our pond was in almost complete shade. I had lush water plants, but none that would bloom. I tried water lilies, but did not have much luck. It was heartbreaking to watch a tree being chopped down, but I tried to concentrate on positives--one of which was "maybe I could have water plants with flowers!" Still afraid to try lilies (we still have quite a bit of shade) I bought a water poppy. The pond store told me these plants do better with more shade so I thought they might work well in my pond. It was sometime in March when I put this plant in the pond, and it has just about taken over. You are suppose to have about 70% surface coverage and this wonderful plant is going to achieve that all by itself! Several weeks ago I noticed what I thought was a flower bud...then noticed there were lots of these flower buds. I try and come home for lunch as much as I can, and one day as I took my sandwich to eat by the pond, there was a beautiful yellow bloom! I was thrilled! Now these flowers only bloom 1 day---so you need patience and understanding to enjoy this plant. Actually, the foliage is so pretty, it can be enjoyed even without flowers.
One day when I went out to check for flowers. I counted 5 poppies blooming at one time! I know this is nothing compared to the beautiful water lilies most ponders have, but it's quite showy in my little pond. And I am so excited to see runners topped with buds all over the surface. Not only is it pretty, it's a great cover for hiding fish!

The "twins!" These blooming poppies are right next to each other. Usually they are spread out all over the pond.

It is such a treat to sit by the pond and locate a blooming poppy. Sometimes they are slightly hidden under the large leaves, but most of the time, they proudly stand up showing off their buttery yellow color.
I was really sad to lose a tree, and heartbroken to lose my fish, but I know nature gives and takes. I am just so happy that nature choose to give back in such a beautiful way.


JenningsJunk said...

I'm excited for you! Hope you keep finding your poppy treasures.

Northern Shade said...

Your water poppies look good. They filled in so quickly in such a short time. The flower is pretty, and the foliage does looks nice. Your fish probably appreciate it too, in case the heron doesn't do its job keeping away the predators.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Northern Shade--I can't believe that in the short time of writing this post, the poppies have almost covered the pond! Today I had 6 blooms! My water plants have never done this well. I was pretty excited!