Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've got Bluebonnets!

Well, it's not the Willow City Loop near Fredericksburg, or the spectacular fields of bluebonnets in Ennis, but it's my little Bluebonnet festival--right in the corner flowerbed in my backyard. I ordered seeds from the Wildseed Farm last summer. I soaked them the night before planting, and I had rosettes before the first frost. I watered when I should, and tried not to water when they started to grow. I babied them through the backyard re-do. And when I saw the first blooms--I celebrated.


misterreereeder said...

Bluebonnets are always great. I like your quote from Lady Bird too!!!

Jen said...

Seeing the bluebonnets makes me want to be back in Texas! I wish I was there to enjoy the spring and all the beautiful flowers.