Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The bees are back!

Last year at this time there were no bees! Susan Albert brought this to my attention in one of her Lifescapes blogs. I began to watch for them in my yard, in my Mother's yard, at the Dallas Arboretum, every park I went to--and no bees! One of the best places in my yard to see bees is on the blooming Indian Hawthorns. Last year there were maybe 2 or 3. Where did the bees go? There were several schools of thought--parasites, mites, other "bee diseases." Whatever the reason, the lack of bees would have an impact on not only gardeners, but everyone that likes to eat fruits, vegetables and honey! I never heard if the entomologist found out the main reason the bees were not around last summer, but my beautiful blooming hawthorns are loaded with the buzzing creatures today, so hopefully the crisis is over. You can see one in the upper left corner of this pictures. The buzzing I hear the minute I walk out the front door is indeed a welcome sound!


JenningsJunk said...

I see the bee - great photography work, both the bee and the flower!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really notice the lack of bees last year, but then I was busy recuping from an illness and getting ready to move. Here in Spring, this year we've got lots of bees, but mostly what I am seeing are the big bumbles, not the smaller honey bees. Beautiful picture and I love the site - what fun!!! I don't have a Google/blogger thingy, so I'll be anon on the id, but I'll sign in the comment. Oh, I LOVE the new backyard - can't wait to feel well enough to come and see it!