Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Flowers

I know...I am a delinquent blogger.  No good reason...just busy times.   Catching up..here are a few things blooming in my garden this warm May day..

                                        Prairie Coreopsis
They are the most beautiful mix of yellow and red...I am in love with these guys.  In my garden they are really tall and wave in the breeze...which can be pretty, but not a good thing on a windy day!

Clasping Coneflower
I love the way these grow around the bird feeders! 

Blackfoot Daisies
What can I say-they are soooo drought tolerant and smell like honey...YUM!

Purple Homestead Verbena
These are in an old chair, but I also have them other places.  They bloom like crazy, take a rest, then bloom like crazy again...all summer!

Wine Cups
These are along the path and still in bloom.  The prettiest group are right by the pond and about to stop their purple show for a bit.  However, wine cups bloom on and off all summer for me.

Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis
These cuties are new this year.  I ordered the seeds from the Wildseed Farm.  They are suppose to bloom all summer, but you never know with our heat.  I believe I will have to keep them watered to ensure continual blooms...but worth the effort..these are just cute!!

I just had to have this one...not even sure what kind it is.  I bet it will not re-seed, and that is ok because I bought Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata) seeds for sowing in fall.  I will enjoy the vibrant colors for now though..so striking!

Window Box
I have different plants in the window box this year..the coleus got so tall, hubby and I both were ready for lower plants.   This is Lysimachia, walkabout sunset.  It is really a ground cover, but working great for the window box.  I put a few red begonias in for added color, but now I am not sure I really needed them.

Salvia Mystic Spires
Oh I just had to have one of these.  I LOVE Salvias anyway, and think I need everyone I can find!  The purple color is so pretty against the yellow and red  coreopsis.

Abraham Darby Rose
Isn't he the most handsome?  And the fragrance...ummmmm..

And my little corner of wildflower heaven...lots of blooms, lots of colors, lots of fun!

Well hope you enjoyed the tour!  I am not commenting much, but looking at all of your blogs and enjoying all your garden beauties.

Till next "thyme"...Happy Gardening!


CiNdEe said...

Love all your pretty flowers(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

Thanks Cindee! It is already getting hot here, so many may quit blooming before too long. Boo! :)

Balisha said...

So that's what you've been doing...growing these beautiful flowers. I have enjoyed seeing them all. Have a nice weekend.

RobinL said...

There you are! I'm glad to see so many lovelies blooming there in your garden, especially that Abraham Darby rose. I swear that everyone has it, except me!