Friday, November 25, 2011

Pansies...or Begonias??

I am having a gardening dilemma. Late every fall, I plant pansies in the front. Usually in back as well, but this year I am sticking with my perennials and leaving the beds in back as they are. But I will take advantage of the great east sun that hits the beds in front, and plant pansies for that beautiful color and wonderful scent that will last into early spring. So..pansies are planted on either side of the porch.. and in containers on the porch.. but my plan to plant them across the front is being disrupted this year..

the begonias are beautiful! We have just not had any really cold weather, so these pretties are looking healthy and happy! My plan for this day after Thanksgiving was to go buy the rest of the yellow flowers for the front-and finish out the bed.
But seriously-could you pull these up when they looked like this? Bet not-and neither can I! And, when you look at our house from the street, the red begonias look so great along with the yellow pansies. It's Spring.. in November! So, what else could I do today. I could get out my Christmas decorations..but I just want to put out some bunnies! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


CiNdEe said...

They look beautiful. I would leave them there too.(-: Soon you will have a frost that will wipe them out...until then enjoy them(-:
I am thinking of Spring too!(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Cindee! Yeah..we'll get that frost one of these days, but for now I will keep on enjoying! (Spring! love that it is on your mind as well!) :)

Lola said...

Love it. I wouldn't pull them either.
My geraniums have gone crazy with blooms. Can't bring myself to do anything with them but admire. I have 5 different colors. Haven't done anything to them. The only water they got was what rain blew in on them.

Toni - Signature Gardens said...

After the summer we've had, how wonderful it is to still have something blooming from those days! Quite amazing. They are a testament to their durability!! It would be hard to do away with them. If we don't have too cold of a winter, they should actually come back next spring.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Lola-the cooler temps always bring my geraniums back too. I have kept some through winter-although this past winter was too harsh for any to survive.

Toni--I would love the begonias to last. Wonder if I should try covering them during below freezing nights (and days)??

Anonymous said...

I hope you did not pull out those begonias, because they do indeed looks gorgeous! Even thought it has been very, very frosty, I still have a few pansies lingering. I just love the way they laugh at the cold!

Tulipman said...

This is wonderful blog. The flowers are so beautiful in the sunshine. In England we have a few weeks of bright sun like in the blog but the show is soon over.