Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Texas Star Hibiscus - In the Pond!

Here is the plant I told you about in the last post. It is a Texas Star Hibiscus, and it is indeed in the pond! After doing our big pond clean out and getting rid of all the plants, I went to the pond store to buy a new water poppy and a lily. The guy helping me said "oh, you gotta get one of these-they are my favorites." I couldn't believe he wanted me to get a TS Hibiscus and put it in the pond. I kept thinking how drought tolerant I always thought hibiscus were--but when he told me about the flowers, he convinced me to give it a try. The buds start out large like this one..and stay in bud form..it seemed like forever, but guess it was several weeks.

This weekend I noticed it had split and I could see the color---RED!

Yesterday it opened a bit more..

And this morning it was all the way open-big and gorgeous! Well worth the wait I think.

But of course, you know hibiscus--here today, gone tomorrow. Oh well...there are lots more flowers to come judging by all the buds I see!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bloom, I didn't realize they were water lovers either. Janet (The Queen of Seaford) gave me one last year and it didn't come up this spring. :(

Meadowview Thymes said...

Oh..I hate to hear that Racquel! I have never seen one in a pond. Saw one on a garden tour this weekend, but in the dirt--not in water. Had to try it though.. :)

tina said...

I never heard of a hibiscus in the pond but wow. That guy knew what he was talking about.

Balisha said...

Beautiful...I have visited, but didn't take time to comment. I want to tell you how beautiful your garden is...that window box in a previous post is lovely. Love your pond area...Balisha

Lola said...

What a gorgeous bloom. I've never heard of that kind.
Are you ready for some bulbs as promised?

JenningsJunk said...

Beautiful and refreshing. I'm loving the pond tour :-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Tina, I have been kind of concerned about putting this plant in the pond, but watching this bloom happen makes me feel a lot better! :)

Hi Balisha, thanks for all the compliments. I am enjoying the garden, but the heat has gotten so intense the plants are starting to struggle....boo/hoo!

Lola--I don't think anyone has heard of placing a hibiscus in water, but you saw the bloom!
And....YES!! :)

JJ--thanks! The pond looks lots better than the last 2 years. It loves that awful sun! hee/hee

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I am totally flabergasted! My mouth dropped open when I read this post; then I re-read it 3 times! I've NEVER heard of hibiscus as water plants, but the blooms make me a believer! I had 4, only 2 returned after last winter. They wilt by mid afternoon, so I may dig one up and put it closer to my water feature, where it's "feet" will stay wet and maybe it'll be a little cooler!
That's one of the reasons I so love gardening, the constant surprise!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I know Nola--I was surprised when the guy showed it to me. Maybe because it is a "Texas Star"--but I have seen the Texas Stars in the ground, not in water. It is really suppose to be shallow, but I had to lower it to the bottom (our pond is not deep though) because it is so tall the wind kept knocking it over. Probably only last 1 season, but I'll enjoy it while I can! (good to hear from you!!) :)