Friday, May 15, 2009

Tiny Blooms

Isn't it funny how we all are so impressed with big, showy blooms. But if we look around, there are so many plants that have tiny little blooms that we might not ever notice. The flowers on this Blackfoot Daisy are small, but together this makes a pretty good show. Would you notice only one little flower though?
Same thing with this purslane. The flowers are small. You might not pay much attention to just one, but put them all together and WOW!

It's kind of a shame the tiny little blooms don't get much attention--but they should. They may not be spectacular large flowers..but instead they are delicate and sweet.
Look at the pretty pink flowers coming from the coral bells.
I have no idea what this is--I think a bird left me a treat. It almost looks like a tiny sweet pea. It gave me such a surprise to walk by this bed of all green and see this cute little purple flower. (maybe a weed, but I tend to like some weeds!) :)
And of course the flowers from wandering jew and purple heart are so tiny, but really pretty. I tried and tried, but my camera just could not capture the purple of these flowers.

I can't remember what type of plant this is-and I should because I buy one every year to put by the pond, but look at the tiny white flowers. They make this ordinary green ivy look so pretty.
I buy underwater grass for the pond-the fish like to hide in it and I like the look it gives. What I didn't know until last year, is that if it gets enough sun, it blooms! Look how cute these little white flowers are. Look closely, do you see the big water spider?
When several of these flowers are blooming at the same time, it really adds a nice touch to the pond.
The ground cover between the stepping stones in back never fails to delight me with their tiny, tiny blue flowers. They bloomed all summer last year.
And, my favorite
"tiny bloom"--the tiny, tiny white flowers from this sedum. I bought this plant last year at a neighbor-
hood plant sale. I have no idea what it is (Cindee, a little help please), but it remains one of my favorite plants.
When my youngest son was a little boy in pre-school, he learned a song called "Good Things Come in Little Packages..." I think we can say that about some of our plants that don't offer a huge, showy flower, but instead give us a quiet, peaceful little bloom. Good things do come in little packages!
What is your favorite "tiny bloom?"


lola said...

Hi Linda, in the 7th pic I think that is what we call a Bridal veil flower. Or something like that. I have one just like it. I really like mine as it is ever so delicate.
I too would like to know for sure the name of this plant.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Lola! That's it! Bridal Veil! I should have remembered that as my daughter is getting married in November and we talk "weddings" a lot! :)
Thanks for the reminder!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I don't know what the little purple bloom is, but we have it. One of the monkeys asked me what it is and I said a weed. He protested saying it was too pretty to be a weed and would not let me pull it up.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Debbi--that is so DIL has one too! I bet it's a weed, but one of my favorite sayings is "may all your weeds be wildflowers!"
I agree with the's way too cute to pull up!

Anonymous said...

Your little lavender volunteer does look a Sweet Pea to me too. I love tiny little blooms, my favorite at the moment is on my Elfin Thyme. So dainty! :)

Brenda Kula said...

I have that same sedum blooming those white flowers. And other sedums blooming yellow. I love the little blooms. Reminds me of the runts of the litter. Where do you get that grass for the pond? I am wondering if it would help my algae problem? I've got plants in there, two black algae eaters. Don't know what else to do.

JenningsJunk said...

Since I'm reading this with clouds overhead and rain coming and going, I sure enjoyed strolling with you, discovering all your little treasures. Really! as I read your post, it was like I was walking with you, sipping on my coffee and exploring your oasis. Thanks for making a dreary morning so much brighter :-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Racquel, I think even the foliage looks like sweet pea..guess one of my bird friends really did bring me a gift!
I love elfin thyme as well. In fact...I love all types of thyme! :)

Brenda,I got the grass at Creative Water Gardens which is the pond store close to me. I would love to give you some. If I ever make it to Blue Moon I'll call you to meet me and bring you some grass.

jj--this is such a gloomy day, but kind of neat and relaxing too. (I really need some sun though.)
Glad you enjoyed the stroll looking at tiny things.

Anonymous said...

We have a plant that we brought with us from Longview that has tiny little purple blooms. We have no idea where it orginally came from or its' name, but you are right - sometimes I tend to look over the tiny blooms, but they are just as pretty as large blooms.

Also, do you remember where you got your Lemon Zest petunias? I love petunias and I have a perfect spot for that color!


misterreereeder said...

With a whole lot of little flowers, it just seems to make up for it. Besides ... beauty comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. I am sure they are enjoying the rain.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hey sister Kim! Could the little purple be a creeper or a thyme of some kind? I need more information! :)
I got the Lemon Zest at Home Depot. Mother and I went a few weeks ago to buy a Lemon, which I did--but Mother found a hot pink petunias she wanted instead.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Oh mr--this rain! I think all the plants and flowers enjoyed it the first few hours, but we are all ready for it to stop and the sun to shine! It week...when we are back at work! :)

lola said...

Hi Linda, it's me again. Raining here also & turned very cool--like wear a jacket.
In the 5th pic. that plant is what we call Moses In a Cradle.
If I'm wrong please let me know.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hello again lola! I looked up "Moses in a Cradle" and saw a picture. It does look like the wandering jew plant! Google "wandering jew" and you will see how close they are. Wonder if they are in the same family?? Oh Tina...where are you?? :) (we'll have to ask her!)

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

Linda, one of my favorite tiny blooms is that of Freesia laxa, formerly Laperousia laxa. It's a charming little bulb and naturalizes easily. It all spreads by seed so I'm going to try throwing some of them into the grass this year and see what happens!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Cindy, I had to look this one up. It is so sweet, and such a beautiful color. Good luch with your seeds. I hope you'll post if they come up.